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Why You Need To Have a 360 Degree Virtual Tour of Your Business?

May 31, 2024

Though Google started capturing street view images of India in Bengaluru (formerly Bangalore) in May 2011, it wasn’t until 2022 that Google was officially permitted to launch its Street View services in India.

However, since internet users across India already got a glimpse of street view in 2011, they got used to by viewing other countries’ street views and got a good hang of it. So thanks to Google’s Street View, more and more people are becoming particular to first explore the premises of the business they are going to transact with, before actually making the transaction.

And that’s why you need to have a 360 degree virtual tour for your business. So let’s look at them in detail.

1) What is 360 Degree Virtual Tour?
2) Which Businesses Can Benefit From 360-Degree Virtual Tours?
3) Why Your Business Needs 360 Degree Virtual Tour?
4) What Are the Benefits of 360 Degree Virtual Tours?
5) How Do 360 Degree Virtual Tour Photos Work?
6) How to Leverage Your 360 Degree Virtual Tour?

1) What is 360 Degree Virtual Tour?

360-degree virtual tours are basically digital simulations of existing geographic locations. They comprise of a series of still images that are stitched together in a sequence.

Virtual tours have what it takes to visually engage your prospective clients and existing customers. They are designed in such a way, that it helps them to virtually ‘step’ inside your business from any device, and give them the ability to get a much better, deeper, and richer visual idea about certain aspects of your business like (among others):

1) Where you are located?
2) What does your place of work look like?
3) What you do as a business?
4) What you can offer?
5) What value you can provide?

2) Which Businesses Can Benefit From 360-Degree Virtual Tours?

More and more businesses these days want to enhance their digital presence, especially on search, so that they can increase the number of visitors, engage with them, and most of them retain them to enhance their sales.

Whether you are into real estate, hotels and resorts, restaurants, travel and tourism, education, fitness, or event management; you can build trust and authority more easily, and gain more customers in a relatively shorter time than otherwise, by benefiting from the setup of your 360 degree virtual tour.

3) Why Your Business Needs 360 Degree Virtual Tour?

We already live in a world today where more and more people search for business, first online, and also look specifically if they can also find a virtual tour of a business – before visiting their location. On the other hand, more and more businesses are find it as an effective way to advertise and market their brand.

What makes virtual tours special, is that it is a great way to establish credibility, authority and trust. Most of all, they empower their prospective and existing customers to experience a virtual walk-through and get a feel of the office – well before they actually walk through the door in person.

Just think about it: You invest a lot of your time, effort, and money for the design and set up of your office premises. You do all this, so that not only your employees feel comfortable, but most of all your clients can trust you and get a sense of confidence about you and your business when they visit your premises. And that’s why you need to leverage the virtual tour technology.

4) What Are the Benefits of 360 Degree Virtual Tours?

360 degree virtual tours are a great way to give anyone an interactive and engaging tour of the exteriors of your business location, and the interiors of your office premises. It is one among the very few products, from Google, that can continuously increase your online visibility – without reoccurring costs!

Thanks to Google, since your tour is hosted on the world’s most powerful servers, you can rest assured that your 360 degree virtual tour will be around for not just for the coming months but even years. This means with just a one-time investment, you can keep attracting new clients 24x7x365.

5) How Do 360 Degree Virtual Tour Photos Work?

Step 1 of 3: Using a special 360 degree camera, multiple panoramic photos are taken in the form of a walk through in terms of approaching towards your business location and walking across your office premises. The number of photos depends on the size and layout of your location.

Step 2 of 3: Once done, all the panoramic photos are uploaded into a software, where they are digitally stitched together in a sequence manner.

Step 3 of 3: Once all the photos are stitched together, the newly created digital tour is published on Google using the Google Street View.

6) How to Leverage Your 360 Degree Virtual Tour?

Once the tour is published, you have three simple yet highly effective ways to leverage it for your business:

On Your Google My Business Profile

By uploading the virtual tour on to your Google My Business profile, your prospective and existing customers researching your company, products or services will be able to find you through Google search.

They can find you either by a search that is specifically about you by typing in your brand name or business name, or they may end up while searching about a product or service that you’re dealing with and clicking the link that shows up on the search results page.

Embed Your Tour on Your Website

Your 360 degree virtual tour can be embedded on your website too. This can help in increasing your website visitors’ engagement on your site and find the information they need.

The more a visitor stays on your website, more is their engagement with you, and more is the likelihood of them making a purchase from you. In other words, virtual tours have what it takes to induce your visitors closer to a CTA (Call To Action).

Share the Link to Your Tour

One of the simplest yet a great benefit of having a virtual tour is that a simple link to your 360 virtual tour can be sent to your clients through a text message, email, or social media. How extensively and effectively you can use it is left to your imagination.


A picture they say, can speak a thousand words. As regards 360 degree virtual tours, we’re talking about dozens and dozens of photos, probably hundreds of photos – all about your business location and office premises, among others. Together, all of them can say volumes about your business.

As a result therefore, your virtual tour will definitely generate greater interest, better interaction, and deeper engagement from both prospective and existing customers. The bottom-line? More clients, better sales, greater revenue, and enhanced profits.

Already thinking of a 360 virtual tour of your business location? Do contact us today and we will be happy to help.

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