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The Importance of Mobile App for Your Business

January 9, 2024

By 2025, about 73% of the world population will access the internet solely via smartphones. As of 2022, there were about 6.4 billion smartphone mobile subscriptions worldwide.

Studies show that the average person checks his/her phone once every 12 minutes, and about 10% of people check their phones once every 4 minutes!

Just think about it. We use our phones at home, on the street, in bed, while travelling, in our car, and even while sipping coffee. Chances are, you must be reading this very article on your mobile right now. This holds good to even your customers too.

This gives rise to the question: “What is everyone doing on their phones?

Well, research shows that almost 90% of the time on a smartphone is spent on apps! That is reason enough to underline the importance of mobile apps in today’s business environment.

Why Mobile Apps are Important in Today’s Business Environment?

The following are two great advantages mobile apps can provide your business:

Increased Sales & Revenue

When it comes to convenience, a majority of your customers would prefer accessing your products or services through mobile app rather than visiting your website.

Studies show that customers are far more likely to take quicker decisions to buy products when they’re able to access them through a mobile app. Quicker decisions means quicker sales turn-around-time (Sales TAT), which in turn means more revenue.

Interaction With Your Audience

Studies also show that a typical smartphone user spends almost 2 hours per day using mobile apps, and the duration only keeps increasing. This is where the scope for interaction with your target audience comes to play.

You can motivate your customers by providing discounts, bonuses, combo-offers and more, by way of push notifications. Customers tend to spend their time on apps that are easy to use, which provides ample opportunities for interactions. Leveraging these preferences can be an effective strategy to not only build your business, but build relationship with your customers.

Why are Mobile Apps Superior to Websites?

Here are 8 reasons why mobile apps are superior to websites:

1.Personalisation: First things first, mobile apps offer better personalization, since they can track and observe your customers’ engagement and behavior. This in turn helps you to carry out marketing promotions that are specifically customised to your target audience.

2.Push Notifications: When your customers download your app, in the process of downloading it, they also give consent to receive notifications from you. This means they are open to receive notifications pertaining to your new launches, exclusive promotions, invitations, and more.

3.Leverage Mobile Device Features: Having a mobile app helps you leverage features in a mobile device like camera, GPS and more, which helps in making their experience more interactive and fun. Most of all, it also helps you leverage their contact list – with their consent, of course.

4.Ability to Work Offline: The ability of an App to work offline is by far the most fundamental, yet also the most powerful difference between a website and an app. This means your customers’ access to you and your business is not restricted to the availability of internet connectivity.

5.Freedom in Design: A mobile app can be designed with a lot of elaborate functions based on advanced gestures, like tap, swipe, drag, pinch, and hold, among others.

6.Users Spend More Time on Apps: Mobile users spend almost 90% of their time on mobile apps and only about 10% on (mobile) websites. Remember the phrase “Time is money?” Well, that perfectly holds good here.

7.Brand Presence: The presence of the app of your business on your customers’ device, be it a smartphone or a tablet, is one of the best ways to influence their perception about your brand – subconsciously. Looking at your app’s icon is like a mini advertisement of your brand, which happens every time they look at it before clicking to open it. And that’s invaluable and powerful!

8.Faster than Websites: A well-designed mobile app can perform actions much quicker than a mobile website. By hiring a good mobile app development company, you can make it easy for your users to access your products and services with more comfort and convenience.

9.A Great Platform for Feedback: Just think about it: Over 77% of customers view a brand as ‘respectable’, ‘trustworthy’ and ‘suitable’ for them, if it collects feedback from customers on a regular basis. Simply put, seeking feedback enhances your customers’ perception about your brand.


While a mobile app may seem like nothing more than a mobile version of your business website, it has immense potential to increase the visibility of your brand and your products, therefore increasing sales. Having an app is by far the easiest method to reach out to your audience and communicate with them directly. Most of all, it empowers you to create a loyal customer base.

Not just Fortune 500 companies and listed companies, more and more small and medium businesses are working to have their own mobile app to build relationships with their customer base and enhance their revenue (in that order).

So, when are you going to have an app for your business?

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