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The Importance of Hiring a Professional Website Design Company in 2023

August 24, 2023

Are you a business owner, especially a small/medium business owner who does not have a website? Do you already have a website but want to re-design and re-launch it? If yes, then at some point in time you will have definitely questioned yourself: “Why should I hire a professional web design company to build my website when Do-It-Yourself or DIY website builders are available for free?

Basically, there are four basic approaches you can take to find a solution:

1) Try doing it yourself on a website builder platform for free.
2) Ask your friend or hire someone referred by your friend
3) Hire a freelancer, or
4) Hire a professional web design company.

But the question is: Which of the four is the right solution for your business or your personal brand? To choose the right one among the four, there are as many things you need to consider, thoroughly; so that you can make a well-informed decision for your business website/personal website project:


Let’s first talk about the elephant in the room: Price.

This is one thing either the client or the vendor usually hesitate to talk about. That’s exactly why we believe it is necessary to address it here – first.

One of the probable reasons why you’re thinking about price is because you think we may try to convince you that we’re not as expensive as the other guys, and that’s definitely not going to happen. Why? Because for all practical reasons, we know that not everyone can afford our services. That also means that there are those who can, and that’s how we have worked with a sizable number of clients already. What’s more? They have also referred us new clients!

It’s like this. As a leading web design company in Coimbatore, our services come for a (comparatively) higher professional fee. This automatically means that while we are definitely the right fit for some, we’re not chosen by anyone and everyone.

If you’re a startup, the DIY option may (or may not) be the right option for you. And if budget is a constraint (even old businesses have budget constraints of some kind or the other), it is much better to have a simple presence online taking the DIY, friend or freelancer route than have no presence at all.

Lawn Mowing Is Not Landscaping

Let us understand the importance of price with a simple example. You can mow your lawn yourself with a little effort. However, there may still be plenty of reasons (which only you know of) why you would rather pay someone to do that for you. Similarly in terms of price, hiring a freelancer might be a good option, provided what you are not looking for too much from your simple website.

If you’re hiring your friend’s kid to mow your lawn, he/she would of course would come for a lesser price than a professional lawn mower. Having said, you wouldn’t really think of hiring that same kid to landscape the open spaces around your entire property!

Similarly, if you want to have a custom website that caters to the specific needs of your visitors, you will have to look beyond the price.


Convenience is all about how much time you are willing to invest and how much hassle (read ‘inconvenience’) are you willing to go through to build your new website? While DIY website builders are indeed relatively easy to use, it holds good only for a basic level static website that has absolutely no dynamic features. However, if your requirement is relatively advanced website and has to look professional, you should be able to do the DIY tasks that are much more than just basic way!

And that’s not all. As a business owner, your days are already packed with things that you already have to do on a day-to-day basis. It is therefore highly likely that you don’t have the time to do the website yourself, therefore leaving you with the option of hiring a freelancer or a website design company.

When hiring someone though, you definitely want to think about how much involvement you want them to have on your project. While a professional web design company can take the lead on many aspect of your project and save you a lot of design and technical hassles, a freelancer (especially an inexperience one) is probably going to need a lot more direction and oversight from you to even kick-start the project!

Skill Level

This brings us to the next factor, which is the skill level. Having skills to do the job is not the same as having different levels of skills to execute technically more complex jobs. You need to make sure that whoever’s designing your site has the skills to do the job that is to be done specifically for your unique requirements. They should also do it right, and do it well.

When it comes to DIY, the person who will be executing is you. If you’re tech savvy and you think you can do it all alone, think again! Being tech savvy doesn’t mean you’re an expert when it comes to designing the website template, the layout, the navigation, or make technical integrations within and outside the website pertaining to the domain name, hosting, and security, among others.

You can choose to do anything. But you cannot practically execute everything. While you are an expert in your business, the same can’t be told as regards your ability to build a technically sound business website. Simply put, just like how you are an expert in your business, website designers are experts in theirs!

If there is one fact that all of us know, it’s that there are many skilled freelancers out there. A typical freelancer usually has a range of skills, each one of which is at a particular level (depth and width). The challenge however is that when you hire one, you’re dealing with just one person. And that one person can be good at one thing or few things but cannot be good at everything that’s needed for your website.

For instance, he/she may be a good content writer (a Content Writer is not the same as SEO Content Writer) but a very ordinary designer. Similarly, he/she may be a good at SEO (search engine optimization) but may not know SEM (search engine marketing).

The advantage you have with a leading website design company in Coimbatore like ours, is that we have a large team comprising of people with multiple skill sets like website designers, graphic designers, content writers, and specialists in SEO, SEM and SMM (social media marketing).

Together as a team, they are all capable of providing end-to-end solutions for not only building a great website for your business, but also scale your revenue and profitability by effectively marketing your business digitally. After all, while business is all about providing value, it is as much also about revenue and (followed by) profits.

What Do You Really Need From Your Website?

Finally, you need to consider what is it that you really need your website to do for your visitors, and what your overall expectations are. If you’re just starting out and need only a simple 4 or 5-page static website, then a DIY website builder may very well fit the bill for you.

But the truth is that most DIY builders lack features that are flexible, which means they aren’t fully customizable to your specific requirements. In other words, they’re just not going to fulfill with aspects that are specific to your requirements like navigation, layout, design, etc.

In fact, they may invariably not even guide you about the fundamentals but critical one-time decisions you need to take that can have a significant long-term impact, like what domain name will be the best fit for the product or service you offer and what extension will best suit the nature of your services and markets you cover.

But if you’re a growing or a seasoned business who’d like to rebrand and have a new customized website that’s in tune with your brand ethos, you’re definitely going to need to hire someone who is at least a fairly seasoned professional freelancer.

Having said, they may be a good option if yours is a small project. And the quality of what you get from different freelancers varies greatly. Many if not most of them have very limited capacity, working invariably during nights and/or weekends, which means you probably are going to have difficulty to reach them or getting your project done on time – or both!

In contrast, an established website design company can be your reliable partner in growth – thanks to the resources and expertise they have to not only create a great website for your business, but also market your products and services to the right target audience anywhere around the world. Most of all, they can also help you scale your revenue.


If you’re looking for a professional website design company that can provide custom website design services for your business or personal brand, there is simply no substitute to hiring a professional website design company.

Better still, if you want to completely take your business website or e-commerce website technically to the next level so that you can scale your revenue by 5X or 20X in the next 12 to 36 months; then it’s definitely worth your time to give us a call at +91 74188 33115. As a leading website design company in Coimbatore, we will be happy to talk and let you know how we can help you achieve your business goals.

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