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How to Choose the Right Branding Company for Your Business in 2023?

September 26, 2023

Choosing the right branding company is one of the most important decisions you will ever make for your business, and it holds good when it comes to rebranding your business too. There’s nothing more unfortunate than going through the branding or rebranding process, which can be rigorous; only to do it all over again because you chose the wrong branding partner.

Most businesses know that it’s an important decision to take. But what many among them don’t know, is how they should go about it. Choosing the best branding company for you involves a lot of criteria, which includes (and is not limited to) their advertising services, creative solutions, digital marketing team, branding process, and their ability to carry out market research to provide a fresh and contemporary perspective regarding your industry, business and product.

Here are the five ways to choose the right branding company for your business:

Ask for References

Whether you’re a new startup or a seasoned business, you have your own network of people, and they’re all in your phone book and the ‘contacts’ section of your email. So to start with, ask for references from your friends, former colleagues, clients, vendors and anybody you know. Yes you can of course search for them online. But this too can be a good option.

To those who refer, ask them what was their experience like and whether the results they got aligned with what they intended to achieve. This will help you shortlist the ones that are worth considering.

Remember: References are not recommendations. This means, you will have to do your own due diligence and make your own decisions. Similarly, unless specified otherwise, recommendations are not endorsements. Simply put, it’s all on you and no one else.

Research Their Portfolio, Experience & Expertise

This is a critical step in the process. Have a look at the company’s portfolio. Better still, read through their case studies. And when you meet the team, ask them specifically about case studies that caught your attention and you could relate to.

This way, you get to understand not only how they work, but also how they approach a branding project. And in the process, you will also get a better understanding about how they will serve you using their experience and expertise.

Know Your Budget

As the saying goes: “Well begun is half done.”

In those lines, knowing what your budget is – first, is the right way to begin your task of choosing the right branding company. This means you need to carry out this task even before you even start asking for references.

Once you’ve established the figure, narrow down your list of potential branding companies who can serve you within or around your budget. And yes, this will happen only when you reach out to them directly over phone or register yourself on their contact form. Ideally, you should call them and fix an appointment ASAP, so that they take you seriously.

Ask The Right Questions

Always remember, that if it is for you, it is up to you.

So do not hesitate to ask questions, any questions, about their experience, expertise, their past work, branding process or anything else that helps you get a better perspective and a deeper understanding about how things work.

For instance, their recent work for a client could give you an indication about what to expect when you work with them. You can in fact go a step further and ask them to walk through how they’d go about your own project if you were to hire them.

The interesting thing about asking questions is that it helps them take you seriously, therefore making them provide you with deeper insights. For all you know, your questions may also help them understand your priorities and expectations from your perspective too. Simply put, by asking the right questions, you help them help you.

Trust Your Gut & Own Your Decision

Choosing the right branding company boils down to this one thing: Trusting your intuition. And this can’t be emphasized enough. After all, you just can’t eliminate the human element that’s involved in your decision making process, and applying logic and reasoning can help go only a certain distance in your decision making process.

So do not hesitate to trust your gut. Most important of all, if you feel something isn’t right, then it’s very likely that things are in indeed not right. So walk away if you need to, failing which the outcome could be self-defeating.

You’re not meeting people your potential branding partner to please them. You’re meeting them to get something done for you, which comes their way in the form of an opportunity.

Lastly but never the least, once you take your decision, just trust them. Completely trust them. Period. This is the best way you can empower them to do their best, and in the process, help them serve you best. And that could be the seeds that you sow for a long-term professional relationship.

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